Bespoke garden rooms tailored to your specific needs…

At Snuggeries, our purpose is to inspire you to create the bespoke garden room of your dreams…

Couple exercising in their Snugg: bespoke garden room
Mother reading with her daughter in their Snugg: bespoke garden room
Our first priority is to understand the difference a Snugg will make in your life; from how it will be used and by whom, to what your finished design will look like when it’s built – including all the fine details you need to make it truly unique to you.

Your garden room should be built around you…

It’s all about the detail!

From our superior modern methods of construction, to the smallest finishing touches, everything we do centres on excellence and delivering your dream bespoke garden room.

A man working in his home office Snugg: a bespoke garden room
A comfortable seating area with attractive lighting in a bespoke garden room

A valuable network of partners…

Thanks to our valuable partners we can offer a wealth of options, such as; golf simulators, wooden wall panels, a full cinema system, smart lighting & networking and much more. Allowing you to personalise your Snugg and make it tailor made just for you.

Why choose us:

Unmatched standards. Vast experience. Short lead times. Conscientious work ethic.

A mother playing with her daughter in their Snugg: a bespoke garden room
We only use the best locally sourced materials, ensuring quality.
A family watching a movie on a projector screen in their Snugg: a bespoke garden room
Our professional team can build and install your bespoke Snugg in as little as 6 weeks, anywhere in the UK and with no hidden charges. Our vast experience also means we’ll create your bespoke garden room with absolute minimal disruption to you and your family.

A multitude of purposes

When you buy one of our Snuggs, you do so with a primary application in mind. But the truth is our inspiring garden rooms can fulfill a multitude of purposes.

An icon representing a home office

Home Office

Our Snuggs are perfect if you want to work from home in a space that’s conducive to being productive.
An icon representing a children's play area

Kids Play Area

Somewhere safe and comfortable for the kids to play that’s far enough away for them, but close enough for you.
An icon representing a home gym or yoga room

Home Gym / Yoga Room

Reap all the rewards associated with practicing yoga and working out right from the comfort of your own garden.
An icon of two wine glasses representing extra space to enjoy in the home

Or just some extra space

Whether you want to relax and read a book, or have friends round and party, a Snugg is the perfect place.

We pride ourselves on offering a high specification, best-in-class, premium product as standard.

A photograph of the outside of a Snugg, showing high quality doors, timber cladding, decking and planters
A close up photograph of a Snugg, a bespoke garden room, showing an orchid in the window between timber cladding
We know how disappointing it is to see a fantastic “from” price listed, only to discover it doesn’t include the features you’ve set your heart on. We don’t like to compromise, and we don’t expect you to either.
A high quality light fitting on the outside of a garden room Snugg, against timber cladding

We only ever use premium materials, always as standard

As Snuggeries we are the only supplier to offer the low energy AstecTherm heating system as standard. A positive impact on your life and our environment.

We use Farrow and Ball or Little Greene paint, only use USB power sockets, and have over 50 choices of cladding, flooring & decking to get you started.

Astecthem low energy radiant space heating logo

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