About Snuggeries

The story behind Snuggs

Why Snuggeries…

When Snuggeries founder, Cliff Gibson, began looking for the perfect garden studio, his hopes were high because his wishlist was small. All he wanted was something that was excellent quality, usable all-year round for a range of different purposes and that wasn’t ridiculously overpriced because of a premium label. He was left disappointed…

The few solutions he found were either incredibly expensive, didn’t meet his quality standards or were accompanied by clever sales tactics that hooked customers with a low ‘from price’ and then ramped up the total with every small addition.

With the New Key Homes team already behind him, Cliff had all the professional knowledge and expertise required to build high-quality dwellings in-house. The only difference with a Snugg would be the size and scale.

After a year of researching build methods, materials and suppliers, Cliff was confident he could create high-quality, bespoke garden rooms to order. Snuggeries was born…

Offering truly personalised designs and created using only the finest, most sustainable materials, Snuggeries combine factory controlled production and intricate personal touches from trusted local trades to build something that’s unique, visually stunning and 100% fit for purpose.

Two workmen in branded Snuggeries clothes working on a bespoke garden studio
Two people building a bespoke garden studio with timber cladding and decking
Snuggeries employees building a garden studio

The expert team behind Snuggeries

Snuggeries is run by Cliff Gibson, the owner of New Key Homes.

Having spent 20+ years in corporate IT, Cliff wanted to pursue a new challenge that would allow him to utilise his disruptive business mindset, developed during a 20-year career in corporate IT, and take advantage of his passion for building, stemming from a family history in the trade. That’s where New Key Homes comes in.

Dedicated to developing sustainable homes that are designed for the modern lifestyle and don’t cost a fortune to run, New Key Homes provides the perfect foundation for Snuggeries.

A primary driver for Cliff moving away from a successful career in Enterprise Architecture, and turning his passion into a sustainable business, was to create a legacy and a future for his son who has autism.

Through New Key Homes and Snuggeries, Cliff hopes to provide his son with a comfortable future and give him the freedom and choices he deserves to enjoy his life.

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