Snuggeries Supplier Spotlight: ASTECtherm

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In the first of a new series championing the amazing partners we work with to create our fabulous Snuggs, today’s blog is all about ASTECtherm low energy radiant space heating.

Now if you’re thinking, low energy radiant space what? Don’t worry. All will be revealed in this post and you’ll see why we wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle the heating needs of our customers’ insulated garden rooms.

How the ASTECtherm infrared heating system works

Unlike traditional convection heaters that simply heat the air in a room, the ASTECtherm heating system works by warming objects in a room using far infrared. So things like walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and even people are gently warmed from a distance. Said objects then act as a heat store (much like a radiator) and provide warmth themselves, perfect for use in an insulated garden room.

The patented heating mats that the system uses are made from highly compacted carbon fibres. They are usually placed in ceilings or floors as this allows the heating mats a clearer line-of-sight to objects and surfaces in a room, maximising their coverage, thus providing the greatest benefit in insulated garden rooms.

ASTECtherm Infrared Heating Solutions

Image credit: ASTECtherm

At just 0.5mm thick, the patented heating mats are thin enough to be hidden away neatly, which means they do not take up any space within a room (unlike traditional radiators). This both maximises the space available and ensures a minimalist appearance.

With all this talk of heat, it should be noted that the ASTECtherm heating system is 100% safe, even for use in places like schools, nurseries, hospitals, care homes and, of course, our insulated garden rooms. That’s because the system operates at low temperatures, making the panels themselves warm to touch, not hot.

The advantages of ASTECtherm infrared heating

So now you know a bit more about how the ASTECtherm system works, let’s look at some of the advantages it affords in garden rooms with insulation.

  • Extremely energy efficient — the fact it uses such low voltages means the ASTECtherm system heats much more efficiently than traditional convection heating systems
  • Easy to install — no pipes, no boilers, just some neatly concealed mats and a few hidden wires
  • Environmentally friendly — with zero carbon dioxide emission and 98% efficiency, the ASTECtherm system is kinder on the environment than its traditional counterparts
  • Provides instant heat — no more waiting for radiators to get warm and lot less lost warmth when doors are opened
  • Healthier (more on this in the next section 
  • Minimal maintenance — in fact, once installed the heating mats require no maintenance at all!
  • Aesthetically pleasing & minimalist — its fully concealed nature means no more looking at radiators, just clean lines and maximum space throughout your home

The health benefits of ASTECtherm infrared heating

ASTECtherm Infrared heating health benefits

Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You might be surprised to learn that the ASTECtherm heating system is also a healthier option for homeowners, especially those with asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory conditions.

Traditional convection heating systems heat the air within a room, causing it to circulate and move around more.The knock-on effect of this is that dust, mites and other allergens are also circulated, increasing the chances of them being breathed in by a person.

Because the ASTECtherm heating system does not rely on the air in a room to transport heat, allergen movement is greatly reduced. It’s a reality that also reduces the spread of germs throughout a space.

In addition to the reduced movement of dust and allergens, the ASTECtherm system also lowers moisture and dampness. The benefit here is that there is much less chance of mould developing in your insulated garden room, which can cause respiratory problems, infections and allergies.

Finally, studies have shown that infrared heat can improve circulation in your body. This lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, reducing your chances of developing heart-related diseases. Better circulation also promotes healthier skin and can help with focus and concentration.

ASTECtherm vs. an ‘eco’ radiator (by the numbers)

Here’s an example to give you an idea of just how efficient the ASTECtherm heating system is compared to an ‘eco’ electric panel radiator:

Eco radiator


2200 watts 1200 watts
£0.15 per kW £0.15 per kW
9 hours a day / 170 days per year 9 hours a day / 170 days per year
Total: £504.90 per annum Total: £275.40 per annum

This example is based on heating a 6m x 4m Snugg. Quite a saving, right? And don’t forget the additional health benefits too!


For more information about the ASTECtherm infrared heating system, check out the official website: https://www.astectherm.com/

For more information about our gorgeous, bespoke Snuggs, contact us today.

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