5 Benefits of Working from Home

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For many people right now, working from home has become the new (temporary) norm. Luckily, technological advances and flexible working practices have enabled many individuals and organisations to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak by working remotely.

But while some people think that working from home negatively impacts productivity because of the presumed distractions, research shows otherwise. In fact, according to a study of workers across the US by Airtasker, remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than their office-based counterparts. That adds up to more than three additional weeks of work per year!

In addition to increased productivity levels, working from home also affords a number of benefits for individuals. Here are 5 for you to consider:

1. You don’t have to commute

First and foremost, working from home completely eliminates the need to commute. Whether you drive to work, rideshare, catch a train, cycle, or walk, your morning commute probably isn’t the highlight of your day. Not only does it consume valuable time, but there’s also a chance that it might add to your overall stress levels, particularly if you frequently encounter rush hour traffic or crowded public transport.

By working from home, you can get up a little later but actually start earlier; finish later but clock off earlier; and have significantly less stress at the start and end of each day.

2. You enjoy a better work-life balance 

Enjoy a better work-life balance

Achieving a better work-life balance is something that everyone strives for and by working from home, you will take a big step to doing so. The added benefit is the positive impact a better work-life balance has on your mental health.

For some deeper insights into the impact the current situation is having on people’s mental health, we reached out to Danielle Bridge, founder and MD of ABC Life Support, a social enterprise that delivers physical and mental health first aid training for all. 

Here’s what she said:

“It is an absolute guarantee that during the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of us have struggled with the adaptations required in order to live our lives in a new way, both personally and professionally. Whilst working from home hasn’t been plain sailing for some of us (I miss my office very much!), I must admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at home, once I got myself and my children, with the help of my husband, into a new routine. 

“We have each carved out our own work spots and learnt how to communicate our needs for space and breaks. Mentally, it has been difficult with each of us adapting to new roles, however, that’s life and life is tough at times – it proves we are alive. We have had to adapt to being confined in a way that the majority of us have never had to. 

“However, the human capacity to change is immense and even though it’s been difficult, changed, we are. I for one will make sure that these changes stay permanent if it means that I get to share the lives of my family more, to deep dive into downtime, to appreciate my love of cooking, watching TV and just chilling, as well as appreciating my job, appreciating what I have built for my business and appreciating the time I spend doing the job that I love.”

3. You’ve got more flexibility

Chances are your doctor or dentist – or anyone else you have appointments with for that matter – are located near your house. So if you have to attend an appointment with any of them, it is far easier to arrange when you are able to work from home.

You might even be able to have your appointment first thing and be ready to start work at your usual time, or pop out during your lunch break. This is something that’s almost impossible when you’ve got a long commute and you’ll inevitably end up taking time off for such appointments.

4. You get to work in a custom environment

Professional workplaces are designed to cater for the needs and preferences of the majority. But if you’re the kind of person who thrives in environments that deviate from the norm, working from home is your opportunity to do so.

Being able to control the temperature, amount of light, ventilation and even the layout of your workspace can help boost your inspiration, productivity and happiness. When it comes to your working from home environment, you’re the boss!

However, before you rush to fill your home office full of stuff, consider how the environment you live and work in affects your wellbeing, health and productivity. Concetta Laquintana, aka Conchi The Home Coach, says a tidy desk, clean workshop, or organised study can make a substantial impact  to your business and your life.

To expand on this idea, we asked Conchi for her top decluttering tips to help you get the very most out of your home working.

Here’s what she said:

“Give yourself time to declutter and organise, don’t do it in a lunch break, but allocate a weekend or a day off.

“Decluttering must be followed by effective organisation. Each item you use needs to have a logical and practical ‘house’, so you can transform the new system into a new habit. 

“Label everything! You will be surprised how easy it is to forget where things are.

“Hire a professional declutterer if you don’t have time or feel overwhelmed by decluttering.”

5. You save money

Saving money while working from home

The final advantage of working from home in our list is the financial benefits you reap. With no daily commute, you’ll inevitably save on fuel, train tickets or bus fares (depending on your mode of transport). 

Then there’s the often overlooked costs associated with buying lunch in that boutique sandwich and coffee shop near your place of work. Add up how much you spend on drinks and food on a daily basis when you’re in the office; it will probably surprise you.


Check out our Cottenham case study to learn how one of our customers is using their Snugg as a home office with fantastic results. You could be doing the same and realising all of the benefits we’ve just discussed in this post. 

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