Cottenham, the new family hub

April 24, 2020

A truly epic bespoke Snugg that ticks all the boxes

The client wanted a space that could act as a home gym, a home office and a general lounge area. What they got when they invested in a Snugg was a bespoke garden room that could fulfill all these purposes and more.

From the magnificent 3.6m wide fully opening bi-fold doors at the front, to the spectacular vaulted ceiling and lounge area with projector & cinema screen inside, every inch of this Snugg has been designed with the owners’ requirements at the forefront.

One such wish was for as much natural light to enter the Snugg as possible. While the huge glass doors allowed plenty already the clients wanted even more. So we made some custom window frames to achieve exactly that and give the family the sunlight boost they desired.

Another request was for the Snugg to sit at ground level so it could be accessed from the garden without having to negotiate a step. We achieved this by sinking the Snugg into the ground and making the decking sit flush with the garden to create a truly unique look.

The client’s Snugg is super easy and economical to heat too. This is thanks to the excellent insulation properties of the Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) used in its construction. Add to this the energy and space efficient invisible ASTECtherm heating system and the just under 30sqm Snugg can be kept warm during the winter as economically as possible.

All the mod cons

The Snugg is kitted out with WiFi which runs off the Internet connection of the main house via a hidden, armoured network cable. There’s also a Bose sound system, Sky & Apple TV and Philips Hue voice control lighting inside and out, all features that were installed and configured by the Snuggeries team.

The outside of the Snugg is covered in Siberian larch cladding from Millworks. This gorgeous wood not only looks stunning, but is also hard wearing and virtually maintenance free. For the interior decor, we used Little Greene luxury paint, specifically Hicks’ Blue and Bone China Pale to achieve a striking, contemporary look.

Composite decking all the way along the front of the Snugg and an additional 9sqm decked outdoor seating area to the side complete the overall look and provide some additional space.

Perfect timing for working from home

Fortunately for the customer, this Snugg was completed just before the Coronavirus lockdown was implemented and people were told to work from home wherever possible. The owner has now been doing exactly that (working from home) for the past 5 weeks. They’ve got the luxury of having a bespoke space in which to work that is separate from their main house. This means they can close the door of the Snugg each day and ‘return home’, allowing them to maintain some sense of separation between work and home life.

The Snugg is paying for itself

Before they had their Snugg, the family were spending over £300 a month on a family membership at David Lloyd. When you factor in the cost of travelling back and forth, as well as the 45 minutes lost in the car, the true cost was even higher still.

With their fitness club membership now cancelled, they are using the money they are saving to pay for their Snugg. In fact, the extra cash more than covers the cost of their remortgaging, which is how they paid for their Snugg, kitted it out with gym equipment and had some change left over. It also goes without saying that they are no longer wasting hours each week driving.

The Snugg has also had a positive impact on the value of their home, which is amazing when you consider that it is literally paying for itself. But perhaps it’s the ‘wow’ factor when friends and loved ones see their Snugg for the first time that adds the biggest value.

Getting the very most out of their investment

The family have been taking real advantage of their Snugg since it was built. They’ve had ‘glamping’ sleepovers, the home gym is used every day (unlike the previous fitness club membership) and the home office has come into its own amid the coronavirus outbreak (no more working on the kitchen table). The best part of all is that all this can be done without having to reorganise furniture in and out of rooms. 

Their Snugg is also a fantastic place for children, providing them with a safe space to play in that is just a stone’s throw from the main house – perfect for when friends come round with their kids and the adults want to catch up without kids under their feet.

They even had time to squeeze in a party just before the virus outbreak; we’re sure many more will follow…

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