Somersham – High Tech Snugg

April 14, 2020

The Brief

Client is working from home and have 2 children, he is currently working on a desk in his garage. This is costing lots of money in heating through the winter, is damp and not an environment that is conducive to being efficient.

The house does not really have a play space for the 2 children, other than the lounge or bedrooms. The lounge is often full of toys and has become more of a playroom rather than somewhere for the parents to relax.

We were given the brief to create a Snugg as large as we could within the confines of a long and narrow garden, with a small slope at the rear, and also have a separate office section.

Project Snugg

What we built for the client was 6 meters wide and 4 meters deep, with an office down one side measuring 1.4 meters wide. This gave sufficient room for the client to install his desk and IT setup, this room also had a full height window allowing an uninterrupted view down the garden as he worked.

We overcame the sloping site by creating a 1m deck across the front of the Snugg, with a step leading up to the decking.

Hi Tech Snugg

This particular Snugg had a pretty hi-tech finish inside, all completed by our team. We’ve installed fibre optic networking from the house, Cat5 cabling to run to a wifi repeater, smart TV, CCTV and office. Philips Hue smart lighting has also been installed along with smart heat & smoke alarm. We also put in reinforcement in the stud wall and installed a TV mount on the wall ready for them to install their TV.

This is also the first Snugg to incorporate our now standard heating system. The excellent low energy, infrared heating system provided by AstecTherm. Not only is this heating invisible as it is built into the ceiling, it comes with a programable thermostat and it will also save the client over £200 per year in heating bills due to its efficiency.


Check out some of the images below of the build, more to come after Cornavirus lockdown when we can get back to take some photos now it is furnished.

Time Lapse

Interested to see how we build our Snugg’s? Watch the short time lapse below from the first couple of days.

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