Snuggeries Supplier Spotlight: Sustainable Paints

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This second post in our Supplier Spotlight series is all about sustainable paints, in particular, two firms whose products we are proud to use in the creation of our bespoke garden rooms: Farrow & Ball and Little Greene.

Now if you’re thinking that paint is paint and it’s all about the colour at the end of the day, we’re about to highlight why these two companies and their products stand out for us.

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Eco friendly credentials

First and foremost, both Farrow & Ball and Little Greene are committed to producing paint that’s 100% eco friendly, perfect for modern garden rooms.

Both companies have water-based ranges that don’t release any nasty pollutants into the atmosphere as the paint dries. As a result, these paints are virtually odourless, which makes working with them a delight.

Then there’s the fact both Farrow & Ball and Little Greene have paints that are certified 100% safe for babies, affording you total peace of mind in your family hub Snugg for years to come.

Furthermore, neither company tests their products on animals, resulting in products that are completely cruelty-free.

Finally, both companies pride themselves on their responsible business practices. Recyclable paint tins, recycled paper and packaging, and day-to-day operations that impact the environment as little as possible.

Premium quality finish

Our beautiful, bespoke garden rooms demand only the very best when it comes to quality, materials and added extras. So it goes without saying that we would never contemplate using a paint that doesn’t afford a high quality, premium finish every time. Luckily, both Farrow & Ball and Little Greene paints do exactly that.

With a range of different finishes available from both companies, your Snugg will perfectly match the vision you have for your modern garden room. Whether you’re looking for a chalky matte finish or something a little more glossy, we can source and use paint that will make your Snugg absolutely perfect. 

Complementary colour palettes

When you’re in search of garden room interior design ideas, the colour of your walls is going to be a primary consideration. Now it just so happens that Farrow & Ball and Little Greene have different colour palettes, meaning that we can usually source the exact colour you want for your modern garden room.

If for any reason we cannot source the colour you want in your Snugg from either Farrow & Ball or Little Greene, we will go out of our way to do so elsewhere. While we prefer to use these two companies because their ethical business practices and admirable approaches to the environment align with our own, our customers’ wants and needs are always our number one priority. Therefore, if creating a bespoke garden room that is tailored to your specific preferences requires us to use paint from another supplier, we will.

Our Snuggs have always been and will always be 100% bespoke, right down to the very last detail.


For more information about Farrow & Ball and Little Greene paints, visit their respective website.

For more information about our gorgeous, bespoke Snuggs, contact us today.

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