Snuggeries vs Market Leader

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Snuggeries Vs. the “Market Leader”

We pride ourselves on offering a high specification, best-in-class, premium product as standard.

It can be disheartening when you see garden rooms being offered with a very attractive “from” price, to then learn that elements you’d perhaps expect as standard bump the total cost up significantly. We don’t like to compromise, and we don’t expect you to either.

At Snuggeries, we pride ourselves on offering a high specification, best-in-class, premium product as standard. In fact, we are so confident about our bespoke garden rooms that we decided to put our specification (and prices) to the test against who we believe is the “market leader” (in terms of turnover at least).

The results surprised even us and we think they’ll be an eye opener for you.

Take a look below and see for yourself how we compare on each and every element. Why not even print this out and test us against any other supplier – we’d love to know how we compare.

This comparison is based on a 6m x 5m garden room of similar look and feel (eventually). We compared our Snugg that has an all inclusive price of £34,000 vs. their starting price for the same size at £26,700.

Finishing Touches

Item Snuggeries Market Leader Extra Price
Standard wall finish Plastered & painted, just like your house Melamine, like a typical kitchen base unit  
Standard ceiling finish Plastered & painted, just like your house Shiny white metal ribbed finish  
Plasterboarded as standard Yes No, optional extra £2600
Painted as standard Yes No, optional extra £780
Paint choices & brands Choice of Farrow & Ball or Little Greene Paint Unspecified matt white paint.

Any other choices of paint, customers must supply at their own cost.
2.4m door opening included included  
Large picture window included optional £480
Composite Cladding Included, over 20 colours and styles Optional only black £2280
Heating System Premium, low energy, eco-friendly as standard. Will use half the energy of conventional heating. Cost £800, will save customer £200+ per year on bills. Cheap oil filled radiator, can purchase for £40 from any DIY store  
How many cladding options are offered as standard 25+, range of wood or composite, all the same price 7 (6 are upgrades in price)  
How many flooring options are offered as standard 20+ all the same price 4 (1 carpet tile, 3 laminate)  
How many decking options are offered as standard 8 all the same price 5, (3 are upgrades)  
How many colour options are there for the doors 16 2  


Power, Heating and Lighting

Item Snuggeries Market Leader Extra Price
Recessed lighting Yes, it’s the default lighting option Not possible due to construction methods. Industrial options like track lighting and light panels only.
External light choices 12+ and happy to help source more options if needed 2
External light quantity 3 1 – £65 each extra £130
Hood lights Included (alternative to wall lights) 0 – £140 extra £140
Number electrical sockets 8, recessed just like your house sockets 3 – surface mounted, £50 extra per additional socket £250
Number of USB sockets All are good quality USB sockets None, £20 each upgrade £160
Outside Socket 1 0, £100 each £100
Dimmable lighting Standard Not possible
What heating included Premium, low energy, eco friendly infrared heating that costs us £800 Cheap oil filled radiator, can purchase for £40 from any DIY store
Allowance for electrical connection in price Yes, subject to survey No £1000

Technical & Extras

Item Snuggeries Market Leader Extra Price
Foundations Eco friendly galvanised steel screws, no mess, no digging and no noise. Concrete
Completely bespoke Yes No
Custom shapes  Yes No
Sloping site Yes Only 300mm
Can you install bathrooms Yes No
uValue Floor .27 .35
uValue Walls .23 .35
uValue Roof .21 .22
uValue Door 1.2 1.2
Can you build above 30sqm Yes No
What do you charge per 1m of partition wall £100 £200 £500
What do you charge for an internal door £100 £440 £340
Can you install a woodburner Yes, via partners No
Can you install plumbing Yes No
Can you install rooflights Yes, our roof construction allows rooflights to be installed No, not possible

In a nutshell…

As you can see, in every single area we are confident our product is superior. It’s why we are happy to tout “Premium as Standard”. And by the time you add all the extras to the total price, the market leader comes in at £35,760 – £1,760 more expensive than a premium Snugg!

So you’ll end up paying more for a lower specification garden room than you would for one of our premium Snuggs. Plus, the lower spec garden room will inevitably cost you more to heat during the winter, further highlighting why a Snugg is the obvious choice when you’re looking for both quality and ROI.

We want our customers to enjoy the experience of buying a Snugg and benefit from a completely transparent process, so we can deliver a bespoke garden room that you can be proud of.

Please take our list and put us to the test. We would love to hear how you get on. In fact, feel free to challenge us or create your own similar list and send it to us at info@snuggeries.co.uk

 1: The term ‘Market Leader’ is based on known annual turnover and self-proclaimed statements. We in no way agree or endorse this statement.

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